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Digestive Health

Peace of mind is just a screening away.

A colonoscopy helps find polyps that can be removed before they become cancerous. It can also identify colon and rectal cancers early, when the odds of successful treatment are highest. Colon and rectal cancer rates have increased in young and middle-aged adults.* If you’re 45 or older, ask your doctor about scheduling a colonoscopy.

Take a Colon Health Assessment

Early Detection of Colon Cancer

Why get screened for colon cancer?

Screening may find diseases at an early stage, when a doctor has a better chance of treating or preventing the disease. The American College of Gastroenterology recommends screening for colon cancer:

    • At age 40 for any person with a first degree relative with colon cancer.
    • At age 45 for African Americans because they have an increased risk of developing the disease.
    • At age 45 for people who are not at increased risk of the disease.

Your Digestive Health

Introduction – The Digestive System

Common Digestive Ailments

Diagnostic Procedures