Patients & Visitors

Would you like to send an e-mail to a patient at Palestine Regional Medical Center?

We would be happy to deliver an e-mail for you to a friend or family member who is a patient at Palestine Regional Medical Center. Just click the E-mail a Patient link below. You will be presented with a form. Fill out the form with as much infomation as possible, and we'll do the rest! Just think how much a patient would love to hear, "you've got mail!"

NOTICE: Because these e-mails are printed on paper and then hand delivered to patients, Palestine Regional Medical Center cannot guarantee your privacy. Neither the sender nor the recipient should have any expectation of privacy in email communications.

This service is only available Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and e-mails may be delivered the following business day. Every effort will be made to deliver your e-mail, however please bear in mind that the patient you are trying to contact may be discharged prior to delivery.