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The Apogee Advantage

In July 2008, Palestine Regional Medical Center partnered with Apogee Physicians, one of the nation’s leading hospitalist groups. A hospitalist is a specialist in internal medicine who solely treats patients in the hospital around the clock. Uniquely, Apogee is completely owned and operated by physicians who understand the business of medicine inside and out. The company is obsessively passionate about being the best and is guided by their mission statement, “What’s best for the patient is best for the practice.”

Apogee Advantage for Primary Care Physicians

  • Devote more time to your practice
  • No more daytime, weekend, evening and holiday hospital rounds
  • Specialist consults arranged for you 
  • Easier access to inpatient services for your patients
If you are a physician interested in referring a patient to an Apogee Physicians Hospitalist please contact  Palestine Regional Medical Center's Patient Information Coordinator at 903.731.1021.

Apogee Advantage for Patients and Their Families
Apogee hospitalists focus exclusively on hospitalized patients around the clock, ensuring optimal care and faster discharge.  In case of an emergency or change in your condition, you can be assured that one of Apogee’s highly qualified doctors will respond quickly and caringly. Additionally, they are available to provide you and your family with honest and considerate answers to your questions.

The Apogee Hospitalist will work closely with your primary care physician to ensure they fully understand your needs based on your past medical history. They also coordinate appropriate follow up care after hospital discharge.

For more information on Apogee Physicians, please visit the Apogee website.